Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Well, it looks like it worked (sorry to sound like such a nerd about this). The following is a brief list of some things I may talk about from time to time: Tori Amos (her new album comes out next week, which I am quite excited about), movies that I see and that I have seen (if you haven't seen Magnolia, you must), Saint Etienne ( a band), my experiences teaching 12 and 13 year olds (believe me, I have plenty of good stories to share!), being a vegetarian in an atmosphere of many people who still just don't get it, living on my own and finally feeling like an adult, sharing my feelings and hopefully seeing if there is someone else out there who feels similar, etc.

So here's a story from school today...The kids, in general, were off-the-wall. I have no idea what was going on. Other teachers said the same thing. I almost had to break a fight up in the hall. Luckily, it was just a shouting match. Blah!
I must say that I am new at this so I don't know how this will work out. This sounds fun, but who knows if anyone will even read this.
I suppose I should introduce myself a bit. I am 24 and reside in a suburb of Chicago called Plainfield. I teach 7th grade Language Arts.
My likes and other obsessions include listening to a wide variety of music, movies, photography, writing, reading, buying things(though
I don't have too much of a chance to do it), and interesting conversations. I think I will leave it at this for now.